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NAAC Grade (4th Cycle): 3.2, A
NIRF Ranking: 85

Student Union

Union Members  2019-20
Chairperson – Ajmal C (3 rd year BA Economics)
Vice Chairperson – Ardra P Gopinath (3 rd year BSc Zoology)
General Secretary – Akhil K (2 nd year BA Economics)
Joint Secretary – Sandra K (2 nd year B Com)
UUC – Ranjith V R (3 rd year B Com)
UUC – Ashif K (2 nd year MA History)
Magazine Editor – Punya C R (2 nd year BA Malayalam)
Fine Arts Secretary – Vipin K (2 nd year BSc Physics)
General Captain – Nidhin K (2 nd year BSc Chemistry)
First Year DC Rep – Deepesh K (1 st B Com Honours)
Second Year DC Rep – Muhammed Rizvan MT (2 nd year BSc Chemistry)
Third Year DC Rep – Mahesh NM (3rd year BA Economics)
PG DC Rep – Sahil Hussain AI (1 st year M Com)

Association Secretaries 2019-20

Malayalam – Aiswarya
English – Anchal
Hindi – Keerthana S
Sanskrit – Amritha
Tamil – Reghupathy
Economics – Pranav C
History – Ajmal
B com – Ashik
Physics – Divas
Chemistry – Ibrahim Faris
Maths – Asad
Botany – Arjun
Zoology – Rohith
Computer Science – Anooj

Union Organized Activities 2019-20
University Awareness Class
‘Avaaz’ (College music band audition)
Union Inauguration
Wall Magazine
‘കൃതി‘ (Books exhibition)
‘Rangoli’ (Rangoli design competition)
‘മൂന്നാം കണ്ണ്’ (Arts club registration)
‘ഓളം’ (Kerala piravi celeberation)
‘പെരുമ്പറ’ (Inter department Arts festival)
Online Haiku
‘FUEGO’ (Inter department Sports & Games)
‘ഋതു’ (Menstrual Hygiene Awareness class)
Programmes after COVID19 Lock Down
Do Something Creative (Inviting articles for online magazine)
Photography Contest
‘കാമ്പസ് ഒച്ച’ (Online Discussion about Execution pros & cons)
‘Interzone ഓർമ്മകൾ’ (Collecting memories of last year interzone)
Digital Quarantine Magazine (Online Inauguration and releasing)
University Union Programme – ELECTA (Student Parliament)
The programme was conducted by Calicut University Union on October 15 & 16
2019 and was hosted by Govt Victoria College.

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