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Young Innovators Program (YIP)

Kerala Development and Innovation Strategy Council, (K-DISC) is a strategic think-tank and advisory body constituted by the Government of Kerala in March 2018. K-DISC aims at bringing out path-breaking strategic plans that reflect new directions in technology, product and process innovations, social shaping of technology and creating a healthy and conducive ecosystem for fostering innovations in the State K-DISC’s Young Innovators Programme (YIP) is to expose young students to the cycle of innovation and to promote a culture of Innovation in Kerala, YIP 2019 is designed to create a deeper imprint on the academic system in the state. YIP is structured around a philosophy of situated cognition and design-based learning, and is envisioned to be a massive, open, inclusive, collaborative, institution-based program aimed at identifying and nurturing young innovators. Through a multi-stage process, K-DISC will select/shortlist the most promising/best young innovators with novel and innovative ideas to critical problems/issues, from education institutions, such as yours, across Kerala. These young innovators will be provided requisite handholding, training and skill development, mentorship and resources to help them work towards building products, services and/or solutions to their chosen problems/issues. Any student, UG/PG/Research, must register on the YIP platform during the Idea Registration window to stand a chance to be part of YIP. Students are permitted to register only in teams/groups of minimum 2 to maximum 5 students each, with a few details of their ideas.

In the current academic year 2020-21, four teams have registered their ideas for YIP 2020-23 (Phase- I) and we are eagerly waiting for YIP 2020-23 (Phase- II). The primary screening and District level selection procedures are under processing.

In the academic year 2019-20, nearly 10 teams from our college registered their ideas for YIP 2019-22. Among these two teams were selected at the state level. The details are as given below.

YIP State Level Selection List for the period 2019-2022