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Constitutional Values

The institution aims at moulding the young students into responsible citizens and adopts several measures in this dimension. The Preamble to the Constitution has been displayed in a prominent place in the college and the constitutional values are reflected in the academic, curricular co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the college. 

The academic content and its delivery to the students are well grounded in constitutional principles. Several courses that the students study, especially in Humanities and Literature, have portions pertaining to the Indian constitution and constitutional values. The Preamble to the Constitution is taught to the students in the Common English Paper studied during the second semester. Classroom discussions and debates focus on constitutional values like sovereignty, secularism, democracy, justice, liberty, equality, human dignity and fraternity. 

Students are admitted to the college by a strict adherence to reservation policies and rules, ensuring justice and equality to all categories of students. The students get accustomed to constitutional values and principles through the process of the College Union Election which has all procedures of a proper election like appointment of a Returning Officer from among the staff, submission of nomination, campaigning, abiding by election rules and decorum, voting and so on. A staff advisor is appointed to advise the college union and the student council is an official platform where student representatives and association secretaries can voice their concerns and needs. Grievances of students can be voiced and redressed in the Grievance Redressal Cell, Internal Complaints Cell etc. 


Faculty involvement in problems of the students is in keeping with values of democracy, human rights and dignity.


The faculty and students’ union ensure that the students get enough exposure to constitutional values through activities like debates and discussions, open forums and talks by experts and thinkers. “Discourses in Democracy” is an open forum talk series organised in the open stage of the college wherein students gain awareness of contemporary events and where issues like marginalisation, caste and class discrimination, gender equity, economic measures, justice and denial of justice are debated and contested. A wide range of programmes like film screenings, marches and rallies, flash mobs, graffiti contests, musical evenings and performances tap the possibilities of art and culture in imparting values of liberty, equality and fraternity to students. The institution has very high standards of gender sensitisation and practice.  Legal awareness is imparted to students through legal awareness campaigns wherein they are given a solid grounding in various laws and rules of the country. 

Important national festivals like Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanthi are celebrated in the college in an appropriate way. The activities of the National Service Scheme and National Cadet Crops enable students to become aware of their duties to the larger community and the nation. Moreover, the participation of students in blood donation camps, visit to palliative care units and reach out activities in old age homes enhance the service mindedness of the students and their sense of responsibility and duty as citizens of the country.

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