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Transformation of the campus

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Energy Management

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Waste Management

The college takes necessary care to manage the solid wastes inside the campus. The campus hosts bins for biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes respectively. The wastes disposed of in these bins are regularly collected and disposed. The plastic and paper wastes are handed over to the municipality periodically through the clean campus green campus drive of NSS. The organic wastes primarily hold food wastes and are managed through several composting techniques of Pipe composting, Aerobic Bin composting, Biodigester pots, Biodigester bins and Bio-compositor pots implemented and maintained at suitable locations in the campus and regularly monitored by Bhoomitra Sena Club. 

Water Conservation

Rainwater harvesting (RWH) is made into practice with the help of a Rain water harvesting unit and a large natural pond situated within the college campus. The rainwater harvesting unit is established and operated associated with the seminar hall. The water falling on to the roof’s of the seminar hall is filtered and channeled to a storage tank. This water is then channeled to the natural pond inside the college campus. 


The pond serves as a large aquatic reservoir that constantly recharges the ground water table throughout the year. The pond also harbors several indigenous fish and several wetland plant elements. The flora of the pond is rich with floating, submerged and free floating plant species. The majority of pond surface is covered by floating plants occurring in thick patches thereby checking surface evaporation during the hotter months, to a large extent. RWH can minimize the effects of depleting groundwater levels and frequently changing climatic conditions to a large extent. The location of the pond at the prime spot inside the campus facilitates the channeling of surface run off water also to get collected inside the pond system. It also reduces the surface run off; ensure the availability of water in water-scarce conditions and help recharging the local aquifers. Very near to the college premise, a local, private aquatic water body, associated with Neerattuganapathy Temple also indirectly affects the groundwater recharging of the area.

The infiltration pits or ‘Mazhakuzhi’ is an easy solution to the ground water rejuvenation. A recharge pit allows the rainwater to replenish groundwater by recharging the underground aquifers. It is aimed to augment the water infiltration in an area. Victoria College is actively engaged in constructing rainwater recharge pits across the campus during rainy seasons. In association with the NSS unit of the college, recharge pits are constructed randomly all around the campus. This helps to replenish the otherwise fast depleting ground water supply of the campus. During the hotter months, these pits are filled with leaf litter and used as smaller versions of open compost pits to degrade leaf litter. They thereby enrich the adjacent soil with minerals and nutrients from this degrading organic matter.

Biodiversity Novelties

The flowering plant diversity in Palakkad district is one of the targeted research area at Department of Botany, Govt. Victoria College, Palakkad. Though the district is being explored since 80’s, a comprehensive approach integrating the climate and ecology of the district is lacking. In this backdrop, the department undertakes research programmes and this has resulted in inventorying of new taxa, hitherto unknown to science, during the last five years.


Archaeological Explorations

The college has been in active collaboration with the departments of archaeology at State and central levels. K Rajan, Associate Professor in History has been exploring prehistoric, Iron Age-early historic, Early medieval and modern sites as part of a deep passion for the reconstruction of early history of Kerala. He could be in collaboration with experts in the archaeology departments and various universities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Organic Farming

Green Audit Report

The intension of organizing Green Audit is to upgrade the environment condition in an around the Victroia College. It is carried out with the aid of performing tasks line waste management, energy saving and others to transform into a better environment friendly institute.

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