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Fostering Values of Inclusiveness

The institution takes a conscious effort to provide an inclusive environment that manifests tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal, socio-economic and other diversities. This is reflected in administrative, infrastructural, academic and co-curricular activities. The college strictly adheres to the reservation policy and rules during the time of admission thus assimilating students from a wide spectrum of socio-economic, communal, regional, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The institution ensures the provision of all advantages possible to students from underprivileged sections of caste and economic, cultural and regional backgrounds in terms of scholarships, fee concession, hostel accommodation and morale support.

The college routinely updates its facilities to meet the needs of the differently-abled students. This is accomplished by the creation of scribe bank, collection of Braille books, technology-assisted learning facilities, construction of ramps, WhatsApp group for GK awareness, Civil Service coaching and counselling sessions. 

Palakkad being the largest district in Kerala, the college buses provide cheap transportation facility and easy access to students from the farthest regions and interior hamlets of the district. 

The activities of the Women’s Development Cell have augmented gender equity standards of the college. The counselling cell, Jeevani imparts a sense of inclusion and confidence to students who face low self-esteem and feelings of seclusion or isolation.

Taking into consideration the regional and religious diversities of the staff and students, the institution celebrates the varied religious and regional festivals like Pongal, Onam, Christmas and Eid. The staff and students join the festivities by holding feasts and cultural activities. Examples are the preparation of the sweet rice Pongal, during the Tamil festival, Ona Sadhya, the feast of Malayalees and Iftar parties to foster religious amity. The college is decorated with intricate drawings called ‘kolams’, flower carpets or ‘pookalams’ and Christmas trees during the respective festivals.

Community service and reach out programmes conducted by the institution to old age homes, and palliative care centres inculcate values of compassion and inclusiveness for the destitute and suffering people. Blood donation campaigns organised in the college and blood donation undertaken by student volunteers during emergencies are instances of how service-mindedness is instilled in the students. 

The field trip made to the tribal belt of Attapadi by the Department of English to make a study on the reasons for the dropping out of tribal students from schools and colleges enabled the staff and students involved to reach out to the tribals and understand the problems faced by the dwellers of that region.    

The College has been hosting an open forum named “Discourses on Democracy” on a regular basis to sensitize the students on values like democracy, tolerance and inclusiveness. The discourses focussed on contemporary social-political issues like gender, caste, secularism, perils faced by democracy, marginalisation and evasion of justice. The interaction of students with activists, transgender people, politicians, academicians, economists, film makers, and thinkers reinforced values of inclusiveness and democracy in them. Social consciousness and inclusiveness have also been accentuated by programmes like queer pride marches, Musical Nights, bike rallies and flash mobs. 

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