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Jeevani : Centre for Students Well-being

Jeevani Center for Wellbeing has been functioning in the college since August 2019 as part of Jeevani project by the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Kerala. The center aims to help students deal with issues they face in their academic and personal lives and to promote student mental health. A trained psychologist provides counselling services on all working days from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm at the center, which is located in the College General Library building. Students can approach the counselor directly during their free hours or the lunch break. The center respects student privacy and ensures the confidentiality of information shared in the counseling sessions. Several mental health awareness programmes and training sessions are being conducted by the center to help build a campus conducive for students’ wellbeing. Jeevani Center for Wellbeing works closely in association with NCC, NSS and Various clubs and welfare units of the College.


Ms. Darsana Rajan, the Psychology Apprentice of Jeevani Center for Students Wellbeing, Govt.Victoria College Palakkad was appointed on 19-08-2019. 


Dr. Mahalakshmi. N (Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce) is assigned as the Jeevani coordinator.

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