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Walk with a Scholar (WWS)

Walk-with-a-Scholar (WWS) is the flagship programme of the Kerala Higher Education Department which was launched in 2013-14. In the same year the programme has started in Government Victoria College. The programme is designed to provide specialized mentoring programmes for students of arts and science colleges. In this programme, bright students from arts, science and commerce streams are selected while they are in the first year of their degree classes and placed them for three years under a mentor who is a member of the faculty of the college. A mentor acts as the guide and friend of the students and helps them to transform into scholars in their respective disciplines and provide them with a perspective to apply knowledge related to their disciplines in socially useful ways. A scholar is one who engages in critical thinking, takes active role in the learning process, understands multiple perspectives, is internally motivated to learn, and is socially conscious. In addition to arranging mentors for scholars, programme provides learning opportunities to scholars to help sharpen their academic and critical thinking skills, help them confidently pursue their personal and academic goals, and guide them to develop into socially responsible citizen.

The programme has a college level Coordinator and five mentors for each year students. Six students are selected from five departments and are allocated under a mentor. A Monitoring Committee supervises the activities of the WWS at college level. The WWS programme in the college has arranged numerous external mentoring sessions on wide range of subjects since 2013. The participants have manifested positive changes in academic performance, communication skills, self confidence and better awareness about higher studies options and career opportunities.

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