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Department of Chemistry

Research at Department of Chemistry

  1. Thrust Areas of research: Nano-Chemistry, Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Photo-Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Our department is actively involved in research in frontier areas of Chemistry and recognized as Research department under Calicut University. The focused areas are Heterocyclic synthesis, Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics, Green Chemistry, Spectral and Magnetic studies of molecules and materials.  Detailed description of chemistry group is given below.

Synthetic group

The synthetic group is mainly involved in the synthesis of organic molecules of interest in Electro- and Photoactive molecules which may find applications in molecular devices. Another area of interest is the synthesis and studies of Photoactive and biologically important compounds.   Mechanistic investigations and designing the GREENER route for synthesis are also in the focus. The synthetic group is also interested in Organic Synthesis, covering Asymmetric synthesis, Organocatalysis and Organic Photochemistry.

Physical Chemistry group

Three faculties are actively involved in the design and studies of electrochemical  properties of molecules and materials at the nano dimension by making use of different synthetic approaches. The thrust areas being  the electronic and photoactive material for energy and sensing applications by making use of the above mentioned materials.

Inorganic Chemistry group

Major  focus is  on the synthesis of inorganic molecules and nanostructured materials  for Biological applications,  for eg. Antimicrobial activity, degradation of pollutants etc.

Research Supervisors in the Department

Dr. Padmakumar K

Associate Professor

Field of Interest: Bioinorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy

Dr. John P. R.

Associate Professor

Field of Interest: Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Dr. Manoj T P

Assistant Professor

Research Interest: Organic Synthesis, Asymmetric synthesis, Organocatalysis, Organic Photochemistry.

E-mail: manojthatham@gmail.com


Dr. Ramesh A. R.

Assistant Professor

Field of Interest: Nanochemistry, Carbon Dots, Metal Complexes

Dr. Shanthil M.

Assistant Professor

Field of Interest: Photophysical and electrochemical properties of molecules and nanomaterials

Dr. Reshmi C. P.

Assistant Professor

Field of Interest: Material Chemistry, Magnetism, Photocatalyts

Dr. Sandeep K.

Assistant Professor

Field of Interest: Photochemistry and Photophysics of Semiconducting nanomaterials,  Lead halide Perovskites, Polaritonic chemistry

Research Scholars

Kundukulangara Varghese Vinod

Assistant Professor

(Part time research scholar)

Thesis Title: Synthesis, Characterization and activity studies in Fe/Mn based superoxide dismutases and superoxide reductases mimics.

Year of Joining: April 2018

Research guide: Dr. Padmakumar K

Saranya K. P.


(Part time research scholar)

Thesis Title: Design, Synthesis, Photophysical and Electrochemical Studies of Anthracene Based Schiff’s Bases

Year of Joining: May 2019

Research Guide: Dr. Shantil M

Kavya P

Research Scholar

Thesis Title: Synthesis, Photophysical, Electrochemical Study of Silver Phosphate Core-Shell Nanostructures for Photocatalytic Applications.

Year of Joining: Oct. 2020

Research guide: Dr. Shantil M.


HSST Chemistry

(Part time research scholar)

Thesis Title: Synthesis and Photochemical Transformations of a Few Tethered Naphthobarrelenes.

Year of Joining: Oct. 2020

Research guide: Dr. John P. R.


Dr. Shantil M

Patent Submitted: “SERS Substrate And Method Thereof” M. Shanthil, H. Fathima and K. George Thomas

Applicant: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Thiruvananthapuram (IISER-TVM)

Application No: 201841005500

Date of filing Complete: 14/02/2018.

Research Publications

Download Research publications from HERE

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