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Department of Physics

Research Facilities at Physics

Network Analyzer with Spectrum Analyzer – Anritsu MS2038C

Deposition Systems

  1. Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) Unit, To deposit metal films and for metal contacts
  2. Chemical Vapour deposition (CVD) Unit , With three zone furnace 1200 oC
  3. Successive ionic layer adsorption and reaction (SILAR) deposition system
  4. Spin Coater


  1. Muffle Furnace, 1200 oC
  2. Tubular Furnace, Two Zone: 1200 oC, side loading
  3. Tubular Furnace, Single zone, 1200 oC, vertical loading

Optical Characterisation

  1. Compact Hi-Sensitive Spectrometer, Wavelength range: 200nm to 1100nm, for transmission, absorption and reflection.
  2. Monochromator, Wavelength: 300 nm to 700 nm, FWHM less than 8 nm
  3. Red Blue and Green lasers (635nm+520nm+445nm) with variable power upto 1 W
  4. Xenon Lamp  (Power: 100W)
  5. Electrical Characterisation
  6. Source Measuring Unit (SMU) from Keithley
  7. LCR meter

General Facilities

  1. Hood for wet chemistry
  2. High Speed Centrifuge
  3. Ultrasonic cleaner
  4. Probe Sonicator
  5. Electromagnet with power supply
  6. Laser Interferometry
  7. Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  8. Oven for drying
  9. Other minor equipments include micropipettes, magnetic stirrer, hot plates, weighing balance, gas cylinders (Argon, Oxygen), etc.

Measurements using Anritsu MS2038C

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