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Department of Physics

Research at Physics

Thrust Areas of research: Novel materials, functionalities and their potential applications in the field of optical, electrical, semiconducting, magnetic, bio-sensors, Applied Electromagnetic Theory

Research Supervisors

Dr. Ambily Krishnan
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Semiconducting Thin films, Photo-voltaics
E-mail: ambilygvc[at]gmail.com

Dr. Rajita Ramanarayanan
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Green synthesis of Nano materials, DSSC
E-mail: rajithar[at]gvc.ac.in

Dr. Reena Mary A P
Associate Professor
Field of interest: Nanofluids, Solar cell materials
e-mail: reenamaryap@gmail.com

Dr. Gopikrishna M.
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Applied Electromagnetics
e-mail: gopikrishna@gvc.ac.in

Dr. Sunitha A P
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Nanomaterials
e-mail: sunivictoria82@gmail.com

Dr. Pradeesh K
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Photonics, Nanomaterials
e-mail: pradeeshgvc@gmail.com

Dr. V. Geetha

Retired Principal

Field of Interest: Material Science and Thin films

Dr. Saji K. J

Assistant Professor

International School of Photonics


Field of Interest: Two dimensional materials for opto-electronic and nano-electronic applications, thin film solar cells, thin film transistors, electrical conduction mechanism in nano structures etc.

Dr. V. Resmi

Assistant Professor

Field of interest: Nonlinear Dynamics

Research Scholars

Smiya John

Assistant Professor

Mercy College, Palakkad

Area of Research: Photonics

Year of joining: 2015

Research Guide: Dr. V. Geetha


Assistant Professor

MES Kalladi College


Area of Research: Photonics

Year of joining: 2016

Research guide: Dr. Pradeesh K

Lisha C L

Asst Professor

Sree Neelkanta Govt Sanskrit College, Pattambi.

Area of Research: Photonics

Year of joining: 2016

Research Guide: Dr. Pradeesh K

Nimisha O K

Research Scholar

Area of Research: Nanomagnetics and Nanofluids

Year of joining: 2017

Research Guide: Dr. Reenamary A. P.

Sajeev K F

Asst Professor

Maharaja’s College, Ernakulam

Area of Research: Applied Electromagnetics 

Year of joining: 2020

Research Guide: Dr. Gopikrishna M

Nayana. K

Assistant Professor

NSS College Ottapalam

Area of Research: Nanomaterials

Year of joining: 2021

Research Guide: Dr. Sunitha A P

Ajeesh P V

Asst Professor

Govt College Chittur

Area of Research: Photonics

Year of joining: 2021

Research Guide: Dr. Pradeesh K

Awards and recognitions

Dr. Sunitha A P

Best Poster Award-Best Poster Award in International conference ICNEECS 2015

Dr. Pradeesh K

UGC Raman Post Doctoral Fellowship to carry out research at Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, U.S.A. (2016-2017)

Dr. Sunitha A P

Best Poster Award- International Conference on Sustainable energy and environment, 2019.

PhDs Awarded

Dr. Sunitha A P

Year: July 2019

Thesis Title: Growth and Characterisation of MoS2 Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Device Applications

Research Guide: Dr. Saji K. J

Dr. Ambily Krishnan

Year: May 2020

Thesis Title: Solution Processed Cu2ZnSnS4 Semiconducting Thin Films and Nanostructures for Energy Application

Research Guide: Dr. Pradeesh K.

Dr. Shaheera M

Year : June 2020 

Thesis Title: Fabrication of Zinc Oxide Based Nanostructures for Light Emission and Gas Sensing Applications

Research Guide: Dr. V. Geetha

Research Publications

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