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In 1939 Govt. Victoria College was affiliated for teaching B.Sc Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry along with second language Tamil. The Department of Tamil was established in the year 1978. The undergraduate programme in Tamil took its initiation during the year 1978. Since 1978, the department has created glorious alumni spread across the country engaged in many research and academic programmes of majority of the institutions.


Prescribed syllabus is a perfect blend of both classical and advanced disciplines of Tamil, thus ensuring a wider knowledge that benefits the students in several aspects of their lives. The programme ensures that the students have their foundations laid strong and they get a complete idea of the subject that is enriched with positivity and creativity at different domains. The students who are fore seeing their career in the subject are made sure that they attain their capstone and for those who come to obtain it as a latter degree are employed to cope in the world with necessary life skills that make them competent enough to survive their lighted careers in their respective fields of employment.

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