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Department of Commerce


Dr. Visalakshi C A

Associate Professor & HoD

M.Com., Ph. D 

Teaching Interests: Finance Marketing

Mob: 9497280438  

E-mail:  krsnadivya@gmail.com 

Dr. Mahalakshmi M N 

Associate Professor 

M.Com., ACMA

Teaching Interests: Finance and Accounts

E-mail:  nml181968@gmail.com

Dr. Mohanadasan T

Assistant Professor

M.Com.B.Ed, M.Sc (Psy), MBA, M.Phil

Research Interests: Human Resource Management

E-mail: nml181968@gmail.com

Dr. Sankaran U M

Assistant Professor
M.Com, MPhil

Teaching Interests: Finance, Taxation and Accounting            

Research Interests: Financial Services and Taxation 

E-mail: sankaranum78@gmail.com

Dr. Binu C Kurian

Associate Professor
M.Com, MBA
Mob: 9447512286
E-mail: bck2.binu@gmail.com

Smt. Mahija K

Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed
Mob: 9947443289
E-mail: mahija76@gmail.com

Smt. Sindhu C

Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed.

Teaching Interests: Accounts, finance and taxation  

Research Interests: Finance

E-mail: chakkingalsindu@gmail.com

Dr. Girish S K

Assistant Professor
M.Com, MPhil, MBA
Mob: 9400978412
E-mail: girishiyer.sk@rediffmail.com

Smt. Sandhya K

Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed, DCA, MBA
E-mail: sandhukalharam@gmail.com

Lt. Kamarlaila S

Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed

Teaching Interests: Marketing

Research Interests: Marketing
Mob: 9544787379
E-mail: kamarlaila.s@gmail.com

Mr. Pramod A.

Assistant Professor
M.Com, B.Ed, DIM

Teaching Interests: Accounting and Taxation             

Research Interest: Marketing and Human Resource Management     

Mob: 9846570563
E-mail: pramodktd@gmail.com

Smt. Bindu G

Assistant Professor
E-mail: bindu.alingal@gmail.com

Mr. Nirmal Sabu

Assistant Professor
M.Com, MBA, M. Phil

Teaching Interests: Finance, Management, Marketing           

Research Interests: FinanceMob: 9447238311
Email: nirmalsabu@gmail.com

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