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The history of the language department of any college starts from the inauguration of the institution itself. In that way the history of the Malayalam department starts in 1888. Officially the department of Malayalam was established in 17th sep 1947. In 1951-BA Malayalam Language and Literature introduced. Sri .K. Madhavamenon was the Head of the Department of that time. PG programme started in 2018.

Many eminent personalities were part of our department.Prof.Kusalan,Prof.A.Balakrishna warrier, Dr. M. Leelavathy, Prof. V. Vijayan etc. Also famous critics Prof.M.Achuthan, Prof.M.Thomas Mathew worked here.The pride icons of Malayalam literature- M. T. Vasudevan Nair, O. V. Vijayan, C. Radhakrishnan are included in our notable alumni.Not only these people journalist V.K.Madhavankutty,Poet Olappamanna, O. M. Anujan were the part of this legacy.

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