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Department of Zoology


The department of Zoology has been recognized as a research Centre in Zoology under the University of Calicut in 1998. Major thrust of the research from the Department is towards insect and animal diversity studies, Insect toxicological and Ecotoxicological analysis, Silk worm genomics, Insect gut biochemistry, Immune response to wound healing Nano drugs etc.


P.G and Research Department of Zoology is actively engaged in research in the modern biological fields related to entomology. The research scholars in the department at present are engaged in molecular biology and genomics studies of Silkworm and honeybee. One of the research work in the department is associated with the genomic studies related to heat shock proteins generated against thermal stress in silk worm Bombyx mori. The work is very relevant to Palakkad district as it is  one of the major centre of sericulture in our state, and the climatic conditions of the district adversely affects not only the quantity and quality of the cocoons but also the reproductive efficiency of the silk insect. Another research work is the impact of exposure of new generation pesticides on the reproductive genotoxicity of honeybees.

Thrust areas of research

Sericulture, Apiculture, Insect Toxicology, Insect Genomics, Metagenomics, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Nanoparticles and wound healing.

Research Supervisors

Dr. C. V. Sreeranjit Kumar

Associate Professor & Head of the Department

Teaching interest: Modern Branches of Biological Sciences
Research interest: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Toxicology, Genomics
E-mail: sreeranjit@gmail.com

Assistant Professor
Teaching interest: Molecular Biology
Research interest: Immunology, Nanodrugs
E-mail: lachusuresh2017@gmail.com, lakshmipriyadarsini@gvc.ac.in

Research Scholars

Thesis title: Impact of dietary supplementation
of ascorbic acid on reproductive genotoxicity in
Apis cerana exposed to neonicotinoids 
Year of Joining: 2016

Research Guide: Dr. C V Sreeranjit Kumar

Thesis title: Biochemical and Molecular response to Ascorbic acid
during the development of Bombyx mori under thermal stress
Year of Joining: 2016

Research Guide: Dr. C V Sreeranjit Kumar

Thesis title: Characterization of Thermotolerant gut bacteria and
feed augmentation in Bombyx mori L. sericulture perspective
Year of Joining: 2018

Research Guide: Dr. C V Sreeranjit Kumar

Thesis Title: Gene expression analysis of transcriptional co-activators
and pro-apoptotic markers in the development of Bombyx mori L.
under thermal stress
Year of Joining: 2018

Research Guide: Dr. C V Sreeranjit Kumar

Awards and Recognitions

Best oral presentation award: Aneesha U. and Sreeranjit kumar C V. (2020) “Effect of supplementation of Vitamin C on cocoon characteristics of mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori exposed to thermal stress”. Kerala Science Congress -2020.

Young Investigtor’s programme by KDISC, KERALA: State level selection (2019) under the category of “Alternative medicine” for a student research project by Nikhila G guided by Dr. Lakshmi Priyadarsini.S.

Major Research Projects

“Sericin-Estradiol Silver nanoparticles (SESNP) based hydrogel dressing in Diabetic wound healing”


Principal Investigator: Dr. Lakshmi Priyadarsini.


Funding Agency: Kerala Biotechnology Commission (No. 037/YIPB/KBC/2017/KSCSTE Dtd 05/01/2018)

Completed Projects

Name of Principal Investigator: Ms. Beena S John

Title: Studies on the root nodule formation by Commercially Available Rhizobium strains and host parasite interaction in cow pea, (Vigna unguiculata) L.Walp, Experimentally infected with Black Pea Aphids
Amount: Rs. 3,55,000/-
Duration: 2015-17
(UGC Reference No. F. 1555-MRP/1415/KLCA009/UGC-SWRO dated 04/02/2015)

Research Publications

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