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Department of Botany


The faculty of the department is committed and dynamically initiates themselves for the development and infiltration of science to the community and works with a passion to satisfy the mission and vision of the institution.


Dr. Rasmi A R
Associate Professor and Head of the Department
Field of interest: Mycology and Plant Pathology, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Cell biology, Plant physiology
E-mail: rasmibotany@gmail.com


Dr. Suresh V
Associate Professor
Field of interest: Plant Systematics, Molecular Biology, Evolutionary Biology
E-mail: sureshmagnolia@gmail.com


Mrs. Sajitha Menon K
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Cell and Molecular Biology
E-mail: sajithamenonk@gmail.com



Dr. Leeja L
Assistant Professor
Field of interest:Cytogenetics, phytochemistry, Pharmacology, cell & molecular Biology
E-mail: leejapramodbotany@gmail.com



Mr. Alen Alex Philip
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Plant Taxonomy, Molecular Biology, Conservation Biology and  Ecology
E-mail: alenloveplants@gmail.com



Mrs. Reedhu Raj
Assistant Professor
Field of interest: Plant physiology, Ecology, Biotechnology
E-mail:  reedhuraj31@gmail.com


Dr. Sojan Jose
Assistant Professor
Field of Interest: Wetland ecology, Population genetics, Plant systematics, and Agrobiodiversity
Email: sojanchakkalackal@gmail.com

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Non-Teaching Staff

Sri. Abdul Hakkim P M

Lab Assistant


Sri. Jaimon K M

Lab Assistant


Sri. Amalkumar Ravindran

Lab Assistant


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