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Department of Botany


The undergraduate programme in Botany took its initiation in the year 1950 and Masters in 1970. The department has been recognized as a research centre under the University of Calicut in 2013. Since its inception, even without formal research protocols and administrative sanctions, department dynamically took up research by the active participation of the faculty and students. Since 1950, the department has created glorious alumni spread across the country engaged in many research and academic programmes of majority of the institutions.


Prescribed syllabus is a perfect blend of both classical and advanced disciplines of botany, thus ensuring a wider knowledge that benefits the students in several aspects oftheir lives. The programme ensures that the students have their foundations laid strong and they get a complete idea of the subject that is enriched with positivity and creativity at different domains. The students who are fore seeing their career in the subject are made sure that they attain their capstone and for those who come to obtain it as a latter degree are employed to cope in the world with necessary life skills that make them competent enough to survive their lighted careers in their respective fields of employment.

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Curriculum Management

The department has rich legacy of students who are culturally rich and diverse hailing from different parts of the Kerala and the adjoining States. The different perspectives coming together under one roof generates a healthy and innovative student community. The students are engaged academically at the bachelors and masters levels.


Tutorial System


Each student of the college will be assigned as ward to a member of the teaching staff. Students will meet respective tutors outside their regular class hours, as and when they need or when asked to do so for personal advice and guidance. Tutors will closely watch the progress of the students in the studies, regularity in attendance and behavior in the College and outside.


Mentoring System, Attendance & Leave / Absence


The department actively enwraps a mentoring system. The mentoring scheme engages the students after their working hours. The students are made to discuss various areas of the subject and are guided through their rigor. This result in an overall development and improvement of the socio-cultural behavior of the students, resulting in more socially committed individuals.


Students are to mark their attendance at their tutor’s desk every day at the beginning and end of the work hours. Individually, the teaching faculty also maintains attendance of students in their respective classes and laboratory hours. All the attendance are taken into consideration to determine the attendance percentage of students at the end of each term.


Study materials


Faculty provides books, journals, articles, research publications, reading materials, e-books, pdfs and power point presentations of relevant subjects to students. The students are also monitored to actively collect and interpret academic, experimental and field data regarding various academical needs and interests.

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