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Department of Botany

About the Department

The department of Botany, Government Victoria College, Palakkad, one of the Centre of Excellence in Botany under Govt. of Kerala, focuses on teaching and research services offering Bachelors to Doctoral programs in the field of Botany, harmonious multiculturalism, hosting students from almost all parts of the Kerala.


The department is indeed a nurturing ground for creative excellence, engages itself as a rewarding and supportive pole to the students and alumni alike. The department aims in providing a professional atmosphere that is unique in the sense that it is fast-paced and exciting with the faculty deemed to facilitate a motivating, comfortable and positive academic impression.


Since its establishment, the department had taken strenuous attempts to nurture and develop young minds to love and master the discipline of Botany. We believe in making our students socially committed individuals with a deep sense of moral values and personal qualities and to help them achieve their academic goals in a creative and positive way.


The department has produced numerous post-graduates and research scholars who are serving luminous academic institutions and industries worldwide.

Commitment to the community

The district of Palakkad was an epitome of agriculture based society and cultural practices in Kerala. The paddy centred agricultural sector that was once deep rooted is now gradually facing a shift to other crops; mainly due to lack of scientific support and resources. The department of Botany has been serving the society with maximum efforts to abate the absence of High-level institutions undertaking active research in agriculture that are rather scarce in Palakkad. The district also has Silent Valley National Park, Parambikkulam Wild life Sanctuary and many hill stations, which are part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve.


The Western Ghats fetches a gap of about 30 km on the border of the Palakkad district and is one of the hotspots of biodiversity in India. Likewise, the remaining areas of the district are also rich and diverse in floral distribution. Serious studies on the flora of the district, the biodiversity degradation and its management are diminutive mainly due to the absence of research institutions in the field of biosciences. As the district lacks research exposure due to the absence of research institutions and library facilities, the emphasis given by the department in this aspect is an asset to the district.

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