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The educational programme of the institution operates in three tiers- namely, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoralprogrammes. The 31 programmes offered by the college include 15 undergraduate, 11 postgraduate and 5 doctoral programmes. The college is affiliated to University of Calicut and the curricula prescribed by the University is being followed. The academic curriculum involves a semester system, choice based credit system, choices for Electives, interdisciplinary courses, audit courses and options of open courses that offer academic flexibility across science, arts and social sciences. The PG stream is also under the CBCSS pattern with specialization options. The curricula of the undergraduate and postgraduate streams are being periodically revised and the present syllabus was revised in 2019.

Audit courses have been implemented as innovative initiatives of the present syllabus. The audit courses, which are interdisciplinary, provide students with an opportunity to expose themselves to disciplines of contemporary and practical relevance like Disaster Management, Environmental Studies and Intellectual Property Rights. The audit courses for postgraduate students expose them to ability enhancement and enrichment of personal competency. Field studies and visits to research institutes of national importance and academies for linguistics and performing arts help enhance the experiential teaching-learning process. Many courses introduced at undergraduate and postgraduate levels impart professional ethics, Gender equity, Human Values and Environment and Sustainability. All outgoing students undertake project works that help them develop problem solving and critical thinking ability.

Inclusion of E-content into teaching methodology enlarges the scope of classroom interaction through addition of tools like MOOC and Moodle and introduction of SWAYAM courses for both students and teachers enhance their knowledge repertoire.

Faculty under all streams participate in curriculum development and enrichment by way of participation in Boards of Studies and evaluation committees. Certificate programmes have been implemented as part of continuing education.

The effective dissemination of the curriculum reflecting the tangible components of the system is done through the yearly academic schedule formulated by IQAC. The Department time table reflects the time schedules of each programme. Each faculty disseminates the syllabi assigned based on a monthly plan, teaching plan by maintaining a teacher’s diary.

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